10 Movie Villains Who Foreshadow Their Biggest Fears

9. Venom Is Scared Of The Red Ones - Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage

The Dark Knight Two-Face Harvey Dent

Now sure, he may not technically sit as the out-and-out antagonist of his own Sony big screen stories, but with Venom acting as one of the most notable villains ever to grace Spider-Man's rogues' gallery, he just about qualifies for the purposes of this list!

With that in mind, the impulsive symbiote makes it clear pretty on in Venom sequel Let There Be Carnage that he is particularly frightened of one specific brand of fellow ball of goo via his separating of his beloved chocolate. When chowing down on some M&M's early on in the flick, a collection of red-coloured versions of the sweets can be seen left out on the table, with Venom/Eddie Brock refusing to go near them.

As it goes, Venom is shown to be entirely spooked by what he brands the "red ones" of his kind, seen in his first encounter with Carnage later on in the day. Clearly, Venom's deep rooted fear of this type of symbitoe has had quite the impact on his often unsettling eating habits.


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