10 Movie Villains Who Tried To Cheat Death

9. Peter Weyland - Prometheus

Peter Weyland Prometheus

His Plan: As the ancient CEO of Weyland Corporation whose death was edging ever closer, Peter Weyland funded the Prometheus' mission to the distant moon LV-223, in the hope of meeting humanity's creators, the Engineers, and asking them to extend his life.

What Happened?: Weyland secretly stashed himself on-board the Prometheus unbeknownst to most of the ship's crew, and joined the few who remained alive in waking an Engineer they discovered on LV-223. Weyland's android "son" David attempted to explain to the Engineer what Weyland wanted, but the Engineer simply ended up murdering Weyland...for some reason. His final words were "There's... nothing..."

Begging your creator for more life is an undeniably ballsy move, but it should surprise roughly nobody that it didn't pan out how Mr. Weyland hoped.


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