10 Movie Villains Who Tried To Cheat Death

8. Voldemort - Harry Potter

Harry Potter Voldemort Death
Warner Bros. Pictures

His Plan: In order to have seemingly eternal life, Voldemort decided to split his soul across six horcruxes, trinkets that the identity and location of which would be known only to himself, making it seemingly impossible for anyone to kill him due to the difficulty of locating and destroying them. Essentially, this made him as close to immortal as possible.

What Happened?: Harry eventually managed to destroy all of the horcruxes (including Voldemort's snake Nagini and, yes, a part of himself), rendering Voldemort mortal. This eventually resulted in him being rather easily bested when Harry rebounded his Killing Curse, bringing Voldy's dark reign of terror to an end.

It was a pretty solid plan and he definitely gets an A+ for both creativity and effort, but in the end, the heroes gotta win.


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