10 Movie Villains Who Weren't Really Bad

Let's consider all of the angles before we judge these poor, misunderstood movie villains, shall we?

"There is no such thing as good and evil, only different points of view." I don't know if I necessary believe that, but these characters would be a strong argument for that quote. For most people, it's hard to look past the villain's intended crime and justifiably so. But great villains always have area in their life that the audience can sympathize or understand. In no particular order, am going to show another angle to think about, before we judge these misunderstood antagonists. *Warning potential spoilers below*

10. Bane - The Dark Knight Rises

The man who broke the bat, Bane. In the Dark Knight Rises, Bane is a terrorist devoted to the inhumane plan of the League of Shadows. As we see in his origin, we can see moments of nobility, as he protects Talia as a young girl from the male prisoners of the Pit. In prisons, it's not wise to stand in front of a pack's desire for something of value, which demonstrates Bane's integrity as he doesn't let fear affect his decision. At one point Bane fights off against a legion of prisoners, showing no hesitation as he gives Talia one chance to escape. As she rises, she takes a last look at Bane just before he's swarmed by the prisoners, to which he says "Goodbye". Metaphorically, Talia is a part of Bane's life that represents his moral side, one which he dedicates himself to protect and serve. Even as the corrupting influence of the League of Shadows shapes him into the zealot he is, we are given a glimpse at the man he used to be, as he sheds a tear for Talia.
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