10 Movies About Death That Will Change Your Life

9. Coco (2017)

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Coco is a film about many things, chief amongst them the joy of music, family, and cultural identity. But it's also a movie about death and the afterlife, as it actually spends much of its runtime in the Land of the Dead, as young musician Miguel tries to find his way home after being accidentally trapped with his deceased grandfather.

Although not nearly as challenging as some other films on this list, Coco finds Pixar at the height of their dramatic powers, painting a sharp and stirring portrait of what may happen after death, whilst offering audiences the idea that no one is really gone so long as we remember them and what they achieved in life.

Like most Pixar movies, Coco is poignant fun for the whole family, but as good as it may be for adults, it's even better for kids who have yet to consider the implications of losing their loved ones and eventually passing on themselves. It's never a good conversation to have with your kids, but Coco's a great place to get it started.

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