10 Movies About Death That Will Change Your Life

8. Amour (2012)

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Michael Haneke's minimalist masterpiece Amour is surely one of cinema's greatest explorations of love, old age and attempting to face death with as much strength and dignity as possible. It's very far from an easy watch, requiring both patience and courage to get through, but its performances and message makes it worthwhile.

The plot is centred on an octogenarian couple in France - Georges and Anne - whose lives are upended when Anne suffers a stroke and Georges becomes her loving, full-time carer. Partially paralysed and frail, she tells her husband she wants to die.

How Haneke paints such a gorgeous portrait of unconditional love is, unto itself, life-changing cinema, as Georges and Anne's romance comes fully-formed and unwavering from the first scene. But it's the way in which the movie considers the strain of mortality and, eventually, the concept of euthanasia that makes it soar.

As you can tell, Amour is not for the fainthearted, but how it assesses the idea of leaving life on your own terms - and how far some people must be willing to go to honour their loved one's wishes - will surely leave you contemplating your own life for days on end.

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