10 Movies That Hated The Statue Of Liberty

4. Superman IV: The Quest For Peace (1987)

In the laughably bad Superman IV, the Statue of Liberty is lifted from its pedestal by Nuclear Man and used as a projectile that is thrown in the general direction of Metropolis, with only Superman able to save the people from the deadly blend of comically over-sized props and bargain-basement special effects that threaten their lives. Ignoring the rules of physics, gravity and logic in one fell swoop, Lady Liberty hurtles towards the packed city streets at a leisurely pace before Superman grabs the statue by the finger and saves the day before flying off with the statue in tow. In one of the more hilarious moments of the movie, Nuclear Man scratches Superman on the back of the neck mid-flight with his mildly-threatening nails, thus infecting him with radiation sickness. Thankfully, the statue is placed back on the pedestal before Superman is gently lowered to the ground and swiftly booted away in a lightning quick one-two of shoddy wirework. Hopefully Lady Liberty fired her agent after agreeing to appear in the cinematic trainwreck that was The Quest For Peace. Interestingly, the Richard Donner cut of Superman II also features the statue, with Superman destroying the torch after an attack from General Zod.

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