10 Movies In 2017 That Killed The Wrong Character

These guys deserved better.

Kingsman The Golden Circle Merlin Mark Strong

Death is a certainty not only in life but in cinema also. The vast majority of major Hollywood movies feature death in some form, and while it can result in a shocking, poignant moment you won't ever forget, often it can also leave you scratching your head.

In the case of these 10 movies, the filmmakers selected the wrong character for the chopping block, and though in some cases these death scenes themselves weren't necessarily bad, things could've been even more interesting, affecting and even iconic if another character bit the bullet instead.

For some movies it's as simple as switching two characters around and fudging some new dialogue, while in other instances it would require a little more creative re-jigging of the entire film.

Whatever the means, each of these 10 movies, whether blockbuster mega-hits or trashy duds, would've undeniably benefited from replacing their dearly departed with another character more worthy of a cinematic dirt nap...


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