10 Movies That Might All Be In The Character's Head

As anyone who's ever been on a night out can testify, things can certainly get weirder the more you drink.

People tell us to question everything: reconsider the unbelievable. It's a mantra that keeps politicians in their place and audiences curious, but just how much should we believe about our favourite films? Because directors really could be deceiving us completely. When certain details don't add up, we put it down to human error, but a lot of the time, it would make more sense for our favourite scenes to have been concocted from the imaginations of our heroes. It adds hidden depths and intriguing layers to movies, often explaining a bizarre ending; if someone imagined the weirder bits, it can often make more sense. And if a few choice details were actually imagined, it can change the tone of a whole movie; a happy ending could in fact be reversed, and tricky spot that the hero survived could turn out to be the downfall of the character, only ten minutes into the film. If you really didn't like the ending, you might prefer to believe it was all a dream; it's a consolation of sorts. Here are ten films that could be partly imagined by characters. Got any more to add? Comment below!

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