10 Movies That Might All Be In The Character's Head

10. The Hunger Games

Okay, so maybe not all of The Hunger Games is in Katniss's head; that would be one dark imagination. But when you rewatch the films, not everything adds up about Peeta Mellark, the introverted love interest who worked as a cake decorator back home in District 12. He's a lot more subdued than your average contestant, latching onto Katniss and Haymitch for guidance and support, but taking the whole "killing people" aspect of the competition in his stride: is he hiding something? Maybe he's suppressing something. I mean, why would a town of starving peasants need a cake decorator? Is it not wholly possible that Peeta's imagined much of his life, including his fancy occupation, because the horror of what's really happened to him is to much to live with day-to-day? It's not as if it's not a world in which something like that could happen, and we've seen glimpses of Katniss's post-traumatic stress disorder. In the first film, we saw Katniss starving in the rain; are there really people in her town who can not only afford a cake, but an intricately decorated one? A certain "let them eat cake" resonance comes to mind...

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