10 Movies Released At The Wrong Time

10. Sin City 2: A Dame To Kill For

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Sin City 2: A Dame To Kill For came out far too late after the first Sin City, with 9 years between the two. However, it would be very lazy (though rather easy, given Hollywood’s fickle nature) to just list ten delayed movies here. When it comes to Sin City 2 though, there’s a lot more to it.

With the first Sin City coming off the back of Once Upon A Time In Mexico, it seemed like director Robert Rodriquez was about to make a name for himself. Instead, he immediately followed Sin City with Shark Boy & Lava Girl before making Planet Terror, Machete, a fourth Spy Kids film then Machete Kills before returning to Sin City in 2014.

Clearly, these are the sorts of movie he loves making, but it certainly derailed his momentum as a blockbuster star. It’s not just the behind the camera stuff which bogged Sin City 2 down though.

In the mid ‘00s, movies dripping with bloodshed and sex appeal were lauded; by the 2010s, audiences wanted something a little different. Bloodshed needed purpose, femme fatales needed agency.

Sin City 2 was very much in the same vein as its predecessor, but audiences had changed.

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