10 Movies Ruined By Creepy CGI

Utterly horrifying.


Almost every major movie released nowadays is awash in a sea of CGI, and while at its best it can transport audiences to new worlds and offer up uniquely heightened experiences, it can also fall totally flat on its face.

Visual effects are extremely expensive and time consuming, and so if corners are cut, that original artistic intent can be totally undermined by a sub-par end product.

That's absolutely true of these 10 movies, which whether a result of a cheap and impatient studio, or a filmmaker simply ill-equipped to achieve their vision, delivered films that were fatally derailed by their deeply offputting VFX.

Though there are certainly movies which have used CGI to create compellingly otherworldly characters - Avatar, Tron: Legacy, and Alita: Battle Angel to name just a few - more often than not audiences will be instinctively repulsed by digital creations which capture only a fraction of the human element.

The uncanny valley defines the void where CGI characters resemble human beings to a point yet don't manage to replicate the subtler aspects of a living person, and that's true of almost every entry on this list.

No matter the good work the movie might've been doing elsewhere, it was tough to pay attention with so much distractingly soulless CGI on offer...

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