10 Movies Ruined By Glaring Factual Inaccuracies

9. Independence Day: The Tunnel Explosion Was Unsurvivable

Minority Report Headline

Cinemagoers breathed a sigh of relief when the dog leaped to safety during Independence Day's tunnel explosion sequence, but thanks to a little thing called science, nobody would have survived that blast in reality.

When the aliens launch their attack, Vivica A. Fox's Jasmine forces open an alcove door just in time to shelter from the encroaching blast with her son and their pet in tow.

It almost works as a set-piece, even though the fire and debris should probably have spilled into their hidey hole. The movie can have the benefit of the doubt on that one, but the heatwave would definitely have fried everyone involved.

And just to confirm beyond any doubt that every human and beast inside that alcove should have been killed, the fire would have drained what little oxygen there is in that enclosed space and suffocated them if the heat didn't get to them first.


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