10 Movies You Shouldn’t Claim Are Your Favourite On A First Date

If these are the films you prize above all others, then you really aren't relationship material.

First dates are often like a job interview. You meet with someone and they ask you a series of questions in order to get to know you better. They are trying to feel you out to determine whether if you are the right person that will fit their needs. One question that inevitably comes up is: €œwhat is your favorite movie?€ The idea of a favorite movie is that it€™s a film you can watch over and over again. It speaks volumes about your personality. While everyone€™s taste is different; there are a few movies that you shouldn't mention. Even if they are your favorite, you shouldn't talk about it on the first date! Some of the movies on the list are even excellent and well made films, but are just too bleak or messed up to say that they are your favourite. Sometimes you may have to ease potential boyfriends or girlfriends into the filthy movies you love. Knowing a potential partner€™s favourite movie is important because if you are going to continue on with a relationship with this person there is a good chance you€™ll have to see other movies with this person. Their favourite movie is a good indication of what you€™ll have to see together. So with that in mind, this list can also be used to weed out weirdos when on a date. If they mention their favourite movie is one of the films on the list, feel free to stand up and walk out; don€™t even feel the need to make an excuse or pick up the check. Just grab your things, leave and possibly change your phone number and email if you have to. Here are 10 movies you shouldn't mention you love, if you're trying to impress someone on a first date.

10. Happiness (1998)

Thankfully, there are very few filmmakers like Todd Solondz. Solondz seems to make movies that are aggressively dislikable. Happiness, which of course is ironically titled, is probably his best, but the most pessimistic movie he€™s ever made. The film follows an ensemble cast that revolves around three sisters and the people in their lives, and almost all of them are really loathsome characters. For example, there is Allen, who likes making dirty and violent phone calls to people €“ specifically to the middle sister, Helen, who is turned on by the calls. The worst character, by far, is Bill, who is married to the oldest sister. He is a pedophile who rapes his son€™s friends and then talks about his crimes with his son. It€™s truly disturbing, albeit a little bit funny, but mentioning you find that type of stuff funny on a first date could end things pretty quickly. While it€™s okay to like this movie, saying it€™s your favourite film of all time could send the wrong message. Best just to avoid talking about this movie until you€™re very, very comfortable with each other.
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