10 Movies So Crazy Over The Top They Were Hilarious

From the deliberately absurd to the unintentionally hilarious.

john travolta face off
Buena Vista

Nobody really wants movies that take themselves too seriously. You know the kind, awards-baiting prestige pictures or dark and gritty reboots that take an almost-funereal approach to the material and are usually full of weighty dialogue, solemn stares, reaction shots and 'Important People Doing Important Things'. It can often border on pretension, with the filmmakers often forgetting something vital; that cinema is entertainment.

On the other side of the coin, a movie that openly embraces its sillier aspects often delivers the best form of escapism for the viewer. Turn off your brain, grab a refreshing beverage and just soak in the pyrotechnics. A lot of studio movies are unwilling to tap into a sense of fun they could easily reap the benefits of (looking at you, Transformers and King Arthur) and end up delivering nothing more than two hours of soul-crushing boredom.

Whether it be intentional or otherwise, there have been plenty of movies over the years that have been so ridiculously over the top that you can't help but wonder if that was the intention or not. From ludicrous dialogue and nonsensical plots to outrageous action sequences and scenery-chewing acting, the approach to the material has left audiences wondering out loud; 'what the hell did I just see?'


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