10 Movies So Crazy Over The Top They Were Hilarious

9. 2012

john travolta face off
Columbia Pictures

2012 ticks all of the boxes that you would expect from a Roland Emmerich movie. You can almost imagine the director writing out a list of all his signature moments and crossing them off as he worked them into the script one by one.

Scientifically-implausible premise? Check. Bland lead character surrounded by underwritten exposition machines? Check. Unintentionally hilarious dialogue? With gems like "the Earth's crust is destabalising!" and "the neutrinos are mutating!", that would be a check. Foreign stereotypes? The movie features the most overly-Russian Russian that's ever Russianed, so... check. Most importantly off all, a rousing hero moment for a dog? Checkmate.

For a movie so blatantly absurd, everyone treats the material with laughable sincerity apart from Woody Harrelson, who shows up playing the guy he would probably be if he didn't make it as an actor, as Emmerich once again gleefully wipes a host of iconic landmarks off the face of the map in a series of set-pieces so epic in their scope that it makes Independence Day look like a chamber piece by comparison.


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