10 Movies That Actually Do Need A Remake

Forget Charlie's Angels, we need a Narnia remake!

Avatar Movie
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The words remake and good don't usually exist in the same sentence. Most of the time remakes are unwanted, unnecessary and just plain dumb. An all-female Ghostbusters as an attempt to prove that women are as funny as men; why not just make an original movie? Or better yet, acknowledge that Bridesmaids already did that. And how about a full-colour Psycho remake, because that was so needed.

Well, every once in a while we get a movie remake that shocks us to our core and actually entertains us. Did you know that the 1982 movie The Thing is actually a remake?! The movie was so good most audiences don't even realise that it it's based on an older story.

Then there are the remakes that are initially panned before eventually being considered great, like Dawn of The Dead.

So we have remakes that no one wants and no one likes, remakes we do not realise are remakes and remakes that should be bad but are actually good. But what about remakes that audiences actually want?

Re-imaginings of old stories that are not only wanted but needed. Now that's a conversation we're not used to having, and to start off that conversation, here are ten examples of movies that are in dire need of a remake.

10. The Chronicles Of Narnia - We Need A TV Show

Avatar Movie

If you're anything like me, you're closest friends growing up came from the pages of your favourite novel; sad I know. But ignoring that evil villain origin story, for now, let's all take a moment to acknowledge the absolute legends that had a helping hand in raising all of us cultured people during our childhood.

Since HBO managed to successfully produce an 8 season tv show based on a popular book series that managed to please both fans and critics alike, for the most part, showrunners have been flocking to authors to beg them for the right to their beloved series. HBO is producing a Harry Potter series, seemingly desperate to replicate the success of GOT and Disney+ has jumped onboard the tv reboot train with the promise of a live-action Percy Jackson and The Olympians series.

So the market is definitely ready for a reboot of the Narnia movie, but this time with a format that actually fits with the book series. You see, for any fans only familiar with the film series, the novels don't actually end at The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader, and the four other books are comprised of sequels, prequels and parallels to the 3 movies.

It's the perfect series to be made into a television show, and due to the popularity of anthology shows like Black Mirror, a unique formula would definitely intrigue audiences.


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