10 Movies That Blatantly Troll The Audience

Didn't like the Special Edition? Wait until you see the Blu-Ray!

Star Wars George Lucas

Anyone who has used the Internet to communicate with others over the past two decades has inevitably at some point run into trolls. These are people -€“ if you can even call them that €“- who are out to ruin everyone'€™s fun. They€™'re obnoxious, annoying, and try to lure others into adverse reactions for the perverse "fun" of being a pain.

However, trolling doesn'€™t just take place on the web. In fact, throughout film history directors have purposely annoyed their audiences.

The ultimate goal of most filmmakers is to provoke a reaction. And while usually they want viewers to respond with cheers, tears, screams, or even deep thought, sometimes they are looking for different reactions entirely: getting a sadistic glee out of provoking moviegoers.

Directors troll their audiences in many ways, by outright insulting them or not delivering on what the film promises. In the latter case, viewers are baited into expecting something to happen and then the rug is yanked out from under them. But instead of this being a clever twist like in a film like The Usual Suspects, this kind of switcheroo just makes people feel stupid for trusting the director in the first place.

The following ten films were all made on some level knowing that they could €“ and often did €“ provoke negative reactions and annoy moviegoers.


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