10 Movies That Changed Because Of Actors’ Bad Behaviour

Don't like the script? Just refuse to talk.

You'd think that film studios would have a short fuse when actors refuse to do as their told or simply turn up feeling obviously... unenthusiastic. This is, after all, a performance game, where big bucks are showered on big talent in the interest of making big profit.

If you were clearly working with sour ingredients, you'd throw them out. But sometimes, studios and film-makers have shown remarkable patience with their misbehaving actors. How many times have passionate situations on set boiled over into outright violence, for instance - like when Lawrence Tierney and Quentin Tarantino came to blows - without anyone getting sacked? It's just counted as a bit of a blip and everyone dusts themselves off and gets on with it.

Not always though. Sometimes, actors do something so bad on set that the whole movie is changed to accommodate them. Presumably because firing them would have been too easy...

10. Wesley Snipes' Blade Trinity Behaviour Boosted Ryan Reynolds' Role

Blade Trinity
New Line Cinema

The story of Wesley Snipes' time on Blade Trinity will live long in infamy well after everyone has forgotten how much of a disappointing mess that movie was. Thanks to the testimony of co-star Patton Oswalt, Snipes was non-compliant throughout the production and his integration was barely helped by his insistence on staying in character for the entire shoot.

Presumably, Snipes' method approach identified Blade as being rather casual about his work schedule too, since Oswalt revealed that his absence fundamentally changed the movie. In his words, "a lot of the lines that Ryan Reynolds has were just a result of Wesley not being there".

After it all came to a head between Snipes and Goyer, the crowning act of defiance by the former that necessitated a pretty dumb change to the film in post-production saw him refusing to open his eyes for one scene and them having to be superimposed onto his eyelids incredibly badly. That's some petty genius right there.


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