10 Movies That Changed Because Of Actors’ Bad Behaviour

9. Crispin Glover Wouldn’t Read His Lines - Charlie’s Angels

Crispin Glover The Thin Man
Columbia Pictures

Though he's a talented actor, Crispin Glover is largely known more for his apparent "difficultness" on movie sets than for his acting achievements. That's probably unfair, because in his words, all he did to get fired from Back To The Future II and replaced with a stand-in was ask a few questions nobody wanted him to ask, but mud sticks.

Anyway, on top of questioning the ending of Back To The Future, Glover also "pulled a Glover" on Charlie's Angels when he decided that the script was so awful that he simply wouldn't participate in saying any of it. Rather than this aversion to the exposition-heavy nonsense he was being charged with saying costing him his job again, it just made for a huge change in his character.

In the end, his Creepy Thin Man - a name possibly reflective of the writing quality - simply became a mute, which, ironically, is about the only interesting character detail in the entire film.


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