10 Movies That Completely Missed The Point

Whatever these films are, they’re not the films they’re supposed to be.

I Am Legend Zombie
Warner Bros. Pictures

Whatever proponents of the auteur theory will tell you, filmmaking is a collaborative process. Even if you’re the writer and the director, you’ll rely on an endless succession of money men, artists and craftspeople to bring your movie to the cinema.

Unfortunately, not all of those many voices are always singing the same tune. Novelists and comic book creators find that their property has been stripped for parts after being optioned by movie studios, their influence kept at arms length. Meanwhile, Hollywood is also egendary for allowing studio interference to scupper otherwise worthwhile projects, and hack directors are notorious for butchering the screenplays of idealistic young writers.

Actors find themselves contractually obligated to finish films they’ve only realised too late are headless turkeys; special effects houses find themselves having to bet their reputations on hastily reshot endings with no time or money to finish them properly. Good films, where everything went perfectly, are remade only a few years later into worthless travesties which crap all over the originals.

There are any number of movie productions in cinema history that have, through trial and error - mostly error - completely failed to get the point of the movie that they were supposed to be producing. Here’s ten of the worst offenders… and remember, here be spoilers.

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