10 Movies That Completely Swap Genre For Just One Scene

Wait, wasn't this meant to be a superhero movie?

Genres tell us what to expect from the movies. But what happens when directors refuse to play by the rules? Well, that's where the fun begins. How about a jump scare in a comedy film? Or some romantic drama with the Hulk? Maybe even a sudden supernatural segue in an otherwise ordinary story? It's hard for a film to stagnate when it refuses to settle down.

As well as being a fun change of pace, these scenes can often do a lot of good for a movie. A swift genre swap can speed along character development and plot by shaking the story out of its status quo and forcing a new and exciting situation.

It€™s rare that moviemakers have the guts to make such a change, but these were the films that turned things on their heads by swapping genres for just one scene€

10. The Dance - Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 1

David Yates' 2010 film Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 1 marked the beginning of the end for a franchise that introduced many young people to the world of fantasy filmmaking, bringing together loose plot threads ahead of the epic finale. However, Yates took a few minutes around the middle of the movie to try out something completely different. He transitioned from fantasy into drama territory, putting wands and wizarding to one side for a couple of minutes to show Daniel Radcliffe€™s Harry and Emma Watson€™s Hermione having a dance together. This scene has been ridiculed many times, but it actually does wonders for the plot and the characters. At a low point in the narrative, this short sequence serves to perk the characters up. To show how their friendship, and the simple act of awkwardly dancing to the radio, could lighten up even the darkest of situations. Lumos isn€™t the only option to when things get dark, it would seem.

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