10 Movies That Cost Twice As Much As They Needed To

9. Cutthroat Island

The Lone Ranger

If you adjust Cutthroat Island's $98m budget for inflation, it works out as being more expensive to produce than Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl, and it would be an understatement to say that both movies had vastly different effects on the appeal of watching pirates buckle some swashes on the big screen.

Having originally been green-lit with a much more manageable budget of $60m, the chaotic nature of Cutthroat Island's shoot saw things spiral out of control that included huge turnover among the crew, leaking sets and for some unexplainable reason, dozens of crates of vegetable juice being shipped out to the Maltese set.

Studio Carolco may have been in trouble beforehand, but Cutthroat Island becoming the single biggest box office bomb in history only accelerated their demise, and quite why they allowed director Renny Harlin to get away with spending such an insane amount of money on a movie everyone knew would be terrible boggles the mind, especially when someone else could have likely got it made for half the cost.


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