10 Movies That Definitely "Influenced" The Hunger Games

10. The Tenth Victim

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uiJ6oghRqKY Dystopian Future: Yes Reality TV Aspects: Yes Battle Arena: Sort Of Captive Fighters: No Children As Fighters: No The Tenth Victim is an Italian film from way back in 1965 set in a near-future version of Italy where a system called the Big Hunt has been implemented in an effort to prevent any more wars. The similarities there are already fairly easy to see, only in the case of The Tenth Victim each participant is actually a volunteer, which is generally not the case in the Hunger Games. Where the film bears the biggest similarities is in the way the events are televised. Each participant in The Big Hunt must survive ten encounters - five as the hunter and five as the hunted - with their kills being televised for a baying audience. The hunters often aim to get more impressive kills in front of the cameras in an effort to attract money from sponsors, which is similar to a plot point in the Hunger Games franchise where Katniss must play up to the crowd so that wealthy sponsors will send her useful items during the games. While a lot of similar themes are at play, The Tenth Victim is actually quite different from The Hunger Games simply due to the fact that every participant is a willing volunteer. Furthermore, the film only follows a single killer - Caroline Meredith - as she aims to get her final kill and retire to a life of riches. It's an interesting early study into the allure of reality television that is definitely worth a watch.

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