10 Movies That Fixed Infamous Plot Holes

9. Alien: Covenant - How Xenomorphs Became A Thing

Terminator Plot Hole
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Director Ridley Scott’s return to the world of Alien was supposed to give the franchise new life, and it did give us... something... to bitch about at least?

Prometheus was touted as a prequel to the Alien series and immediately we got shivers because directors of Scott’s generation saying they are coming back to make prequels don’t exactly have the greatest results. We hoped Prometheus was going to answer questions about what the space jockey was exactly in the original Alien, and that the new prequel series would lead us to humans’ first encounter with the Xenomorphs. What we got instead was a diatribe about creationism.

A Xenomorph was birthed at the end of Prometheus, teasing that we would get to see more of them in the sequel. But if you remember, the Xenomorph was left alone in the empty ship, stranded on a seemingly empty planet. How the hell was the primitive creature going to get off the planet, so humans could stumble upon it and get murdered?

Alien: Covenant forgets about the stranded Xenomorph altogether, and instead focuses on David the android who has been living on the home planet of the Engineer species. David’s been experimenting with gene-splicing for years in his mancave (man-droid-cave?). This explains the creation of the Xenomorphs and their first contact with humans. So just forget what you saw at the end of Prometheus because it had no bearing on the rest of the story whatsoever.


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