10 Movies That Gave Away The Spoiler Immediately

The one time arriving late to the cinema actually pays off.

Shaun of the Dead
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It can often be a challenge to avoid spoilers for a new movie, and we can find ourselves going bullet time trying to dodge plot spoilers online and often coming a cropper when someone has made a meme of exactly the thing we were trying to avoid, damn it!

But more fool us if we make it safe and sound to the cinema and assume we've come out on top. Because sometimes the director takes it upon themselves to ruin the fun up front. Drawing influences directly from theatre, like an opening sonnet in Shakespearean, or the chorus of an ancient Greek play, these films throw their cards on the table and dare us to stick around anyway.

And, you know what, most of the time we do.

Some films play it cryptically, seeding plot details in song or a crafty mural, and some literally grab us by the throat and drag us, step by step, through all the major plot points in an over-expository credits sequence or voiceover narration. But, hey, at least it's worth it just to be along for the ride, right? Right?!

10. Titanic (1997)

Shaun of the Dead
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It's safe to say there would have been few people going into James Cameron's epic romance/real-life disaster flick Titanic who weren't already familiar with the fate of the ship and its occupants in 1912. But Cameron, being a stickler for detail, wasn't happy to just let such assumptions lie.

In the film's opening sequence, a present day crew dive to recover objects from the ship's wreckage, showing us the tremendous devastation facing the voyage, which in terms of the film's story is still many hours of screentime away. The crew pick over details of what happened in 1912, as they rove around the parts of the ship, taking in the objects that went down with it and the damage inflicted by the iceberg that sank it. To make things even clearer, Cameron also has the crew create a digital graphic of the ship striking the ice, tipping on its end and splitting in the middle -- exactly as it will happen later in the movie.

But that's not where his spoilerific fun ends, oh no. He also introduces one of the film's romantic couple, Rose (Gloria Stuart/Kate Winslet) as an old woman, revealing not only that she survives the Titanic, but that Leonardo DiCaprio's Jack doesn't.


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