10 Movies That Give Away The Ending In The Title

Because the Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford is hardly a whodunnit, is it?

Directors like Christopher Nolan and J.J. Abrams have carved out a reputation for secrecy. Cagey about the plots of their films and only lightly dropping hints if they say anything at all, they send fans into a fervour. It can€™t always work (everybody had twigged the Talia/Khan twists in The Dark Knight Rises/Star Trek Into Darkness respectively), but when it does it€™s a delight. In these spoiler heavy times, with the twist of the latest releases a click away, it€™s very much appreciated. Other filmmakers don€™t seem as bothered about shrouding their films in secrecy (or simply don€™t have the clout to pull it off). Trailers burn the big set pieces to our retinas months in advance and entire online communities piece together the plot as if pre-release material is a puzzle in need of solving. Some films take it even further. Knowing full well they can€™t keep a secret, they give out key plot details in the most inconspicuous way possible; in the movie€™s title. That's right, that phrase intrinsically designed to draw you in has instead been used to negate any suspense it could deliver. Obvious monikers, like Snakes On A Plane or Lincoln give us an early entry into the plot, but anything more plot related is just too far, right? Well, not necessarily. Here are ten films that have titles with major spoilers. And we€™ll see it€™s not always a bad thing. Naturally spoilers appear throughout this article, particularly the entry titles.

Honourable Mention - John Dies At The End

Adapted from Cracked editor David Wong's novel (which began as a web series), John Dies At The End is ridiculously bonkers no matter what medium you consume it in. And although it seems to contain a fatal spoiler slap bang in the title, it actually doesn€™t; it's not ruining any of the real surprises to reveal John makes it to the end. An anti-spoiler if you will.

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