10 Movies That Had An Insane Amount Of Attention To Detail

5. The Matrix - Hundreds Of Pairs Of Twins Were Used For A 1-Minute Scene

The Matrix Twins
Warner Bros.

The Matrix doesn't automatically spring to mind when talking about a film that was painstakingly created with love and care. But in truth, the Wachowskis probably gave too much on this one, which is probably why Reloaded and Revolutions were rubbish.

The cutting-edge bullet time sequences were painstakingly created using hundreds of still-photo cameras mounted around the green set in which Neo and Smith do battle on. Each individual still image is then pieced back together to produce the bullet time effect. But it is Neo's training sequence in the Lady In The Red Dress program with Morpheus where the film's attention to detail goes from cutting edge to insane.

Like Neo, everyone watching that scene was distracted by the pretty lady in the red dress. What everyone would've missed was that every other person in that scene, bar Neo, Morpheus, and the lady in red, had a doppelganger. Deciding to save the awful CGI for the Matrix Reloaded, The Wachowskis actually spent a few days in Sydney scouting all the identical twins they could find in order to film that scene. Not only does this create a bit of a subliminal mind-screw, but it also shows that Mouse is actually quite a crappy programmer who cuts corners in his programs by reusing characters and has a fetish for women in red.

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