10 Movies That Hated Their Own Audience

Cinematic contempt at its most thinly-veiled.


The primary function of cinema is, believe it or not, to make money, and it's obviously in the interest of filmmakers and studios to make films that entertain and intrigue viewers above all else.

And it's fair to say that most filmmakers are absolutely grateful of their audience no matter who they are.

However, this isn't always true, and there are rare cases where directors can't hide their utter disapproval of the people watching, even making this fact abundantly clear within the movie itself.

These films, from absurdly expensive blockbusters with surprisingly subversive elements, to smaller films that managed to trick the mainstream, each attempted to take money from viewers while also directly criticising them.

It's a bold move and one that audiences rarely respond to, hence why a number of these films were either critical or commercial duds (or both).

But some of them nevertheless managed to veil their hatred just enough to get by, keeping audiences swept up in the spectacle while effectively mocking them in plain sight...


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