10 Movies That Ignored Shockingly Simple Solutions

Was all that drama really necessary?

Interstellar Matthew Mcconaughey
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Both audiences and critics love a good nitpick when it comes to dissecting films. But truly, there's nothing worse than watching a film where a glaringly obvious solution to a problem is staring the characters right in the face, but is ignored entirely.

Arguably the better a film is, the more frustrating moments like these can become for the viewer. Whilst films are always bound to leave some of those who choose to watch them feeling frustrated at apparent lapses in logic, these films stand out as particularly problematic...

10. Limitless - Just Pay The Money Back

Limitless Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper's Eddie gets in deep with the wrong people whilst using a brain enhancing drug in 2011's sci-fi thriller Limitless.

After borrowing $100,000 from a Russian loan shark, Cooper's character goes on to make an absolute killing on the stock market but runs afoul of the Russian when he doesn't pay him back, causing a whole host of issues later in the film.

But if you were a genius who was making a ton of money in a relatively short period of time, then why wouldn't you pay off the dodgy bloke you've borrowed money off of as soon as possible?

We see Eddie has no issue in spending a lot of the money he gets straight away on upgrading his wardrobe and lifestyle, and even if you were charged an extortionate amount of interest by the Russian for your initial loan, why wouldn't you just pay it as soon as possible rather then take the chance of it ruining your life?

Or better yet, if you're on a brain enhancing drug that helps you make money fast, be patient and don't borrow from the wrong people in the first place!


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