10 Movies That Ignored Shockingly Simple Solutions

9. The Dark Knight Rises - Don't Send In All The Cops At Once!

Limitless Bradley Cooper
Warner Bros.

Despite being a monster of a blockbuster, Christopher Nolan's final instalment in his Batman trilogy does have its fair share of questionable moments.

Obviously, no one would ever dare question the auteur and genius that is both Nolan and his screenwriting brother Jonah, but Commissioner Gordon's choice to send every single available Gotham City police officer into the sewers to confront the villainous Bane, is at best, highly questionable.

The move is just devoid of logic on so many levels. First of all, Gordon is hospital-bound, so surely all operating authority would pass to a deputy in these circumstances, and hopefully, they would have the common sense to see that sending every single available officer down into the unknown environment might be a bit silly.

Also, Gotham is massive, like home to millions of people massive, and so they are choosing to send thousands of regular officers down into the sewers to do what exactly? Arrest the army of fanatical terrorists living down there? Keep dreaming.

Just send in some SWAT teams to establish what the position of Bane and his goons is first, and if things get rough, then call in the army for support if you can't handle it.


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