10 Movies That Instantly Told You They Were Garbage

These movies made it clear they were pure duds from minute one.

Resident Evil Final Chapter

The opening scene of any movie is so, so important - it will establish the prevailing mood and, in some way, let audiences know what to expect for the remainder.

And so, films typically kick off with an impactful or enigmatic sequence which hooks the audience from the jump, but of course, this doesn't always go according to plan.

Sometimes the filmmakers colossally miscalculate their approach, turning in an instigating scene so wretched that it assures viewers they're about to strap in for some primo trash.

Still, there's something to be said for consistency: at least with a movie that sucks from the first minute, you're not being misled by a promising opening, and it lets you know early on that you might want to reach for the remote control.

These 10 films all most certainly did that, kicking off with a terrible scene - perhaps unfunny, poorly shot, or downright insulting to fans - which basically told the audience, "Abandon all hope, ye who enter here."

If you continued to sit through the rest of these movies hoping they'd surely get better, that was basically on you...

10. Me Time

Resident Evil Final Chapter

While few among us likely had high hopes for the new Mark Wahlberg and Kevin Hart-starring Netflix Original "comedy" Me Time, even the most subterranean expectations were surpassed in its very first scene.

The film, about two old friends, Huck (Wahlberg) and Sonny (Hart), reconnecting in middle-age, kicks off with a scene set 15 years prior, where the two are preparing to base jump off a cliff edge in Utah.

Sonny chickens out at the last minute but gets blown off the cliff by a gust of wind regardless, yet after getting over his initial terror, he manages to enjoy the wingsuit's gentle glide through the air.

Huck joins him as they have a serene moment together in the air, before Sonny is smashed in the face by a bird, causing him to spin wildly out of control until Huck is able to pull his ripcord.

Beyond the painfully low-effort humour of the scene as written, the execution is horrible. The VFX are painfully low-rent, and while that might pass muster in a YouTuber's short film, in a Netflix movie that likely cost tens of millions of dollars to produce, it's embarrassing.

It at least sets the roughshod standard from the outset, though, and so it's little surprise that Me Time went on to be brutally panned by critics for its depressingly laugh-less script.


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