10 Movies That Just Tried Way Too Hard

Event Horizon I suppose you can't really blame a filmmaker for "trying too hard." After all, trying hard at anything shows passion, if nothing else, and it's difficult to fault somebody for throwing everything they have into a project, especially when it's of the notoriously laborious filmic kind. But trying too hard comes with its own set of pitfalls, the worst of which shows a director or writer projecting their work ethic to the point in which audiences are able to pick up on it - a movie becomes so overtly self-conscious that it ends up leaving a bad taste in your mouth. And then some. Because trying too hard tends to signify a lack of confidence - when a movie eases you into its world with faith in itself, audiences are quick to buy into it... and usually without realising, too. It shows when a filmmaker makes such a conscious effort to make a point, or try something new, or tell people: "Hey, look at this! Look at how this is happening!" Worst case scenario: a filmmaker throws everything at the screen and absolutely nothing sticks. Sometimes a movie can try way too hard and still succeed, of course, but might feel inherently flawed at its core as a result. To "celebrate" the very notion of trying too hard, here are 10 movies that might well fall into such an Oscar category, should it exist in some strange, dystopian future that I've just made up...

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