10 Movies That Made New York City Look Like The Worst Place In The World

You don't want to visit the Big Rotten Apple.

Toppling skyscrapers, rippling rivers, and twinkling lights - thanks to movies everyone knows exactly what New York City is like. A worldwide cultural hub, to people around the globe NYC represents opportunity, liberation and diversity. And, with its rich history and formidable presence, New York City has been a widely favoured location for Hollywood movies for as long as cinema has been an American art form. Several filmmakers have produced stunning works that have rightfully conveyed New York City as a magical place - from the key films of Woody Allen such as Annie Hall, all the way back to Sheeler and Strand's glorious city documentary Manhatta from 1921. Of course, not all filmmakers have chosen to cast NYC in such a great light. Given the amount of spaces New York City has stolen from the sky, The Big Apple has always been a candidate for disaster movies - quite simply because there're so many things that can be knocked down and destroyed. The likes of King Kong, Godzilla, aliens, and zombies have all raged their way across NYC at one point or another, with natural disasters also wreaking havoc across the city to send the towering skyscrapers tumbling into dust. Indeed, some films have depicted New York City not as a place of passion, pride, diversity and opportunity, but as a place that's ugly, immoral and evil, and listed here are 10 films that made the often-beloved NYC look like the worst place in the entire world.


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