10 Movies That Made You Cheer Brutal Moments

Spoilers: This list contains a LOT of Tarantino.

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The art of creating brutal moments in films has been an effective tool to depict the actions of villainous characters across all genres. Atrocities committed by real or fictional villains can be brought to life in this manner, giving the audience a threat to cheer against.

But the films on this list take this brutal form and transform it into something we actually enjoy and want more of. Tarantino has been the chief master of this technique, with his ability to fuse realistic and stylised action leaving audiences cheering for certain characters and heckling others, despite dishing out similar levels of extreme violence.

Tarantino wasn't the first and won't be the last to use this technique and this list explores when it was done at its finest. From the brutal murder of dozens of combatants, to the sleighing of innocents to get their man and even the sawing off of one's foot, this list details cinema at its most bloody and delightful.

So switch the little voice off in your head called a conscience and look through a list of films that had us cheering in spite of their brutal nature.


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