10 Movies That Made You Question Life Itself

(Nearly) everything you ever wanted to know about life but were afraid to ask...

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless MindFocus FeaturesIn an ideal world, all movies ought to make us ponder the more important questions in life, such as: why we are here? What€™s it all about? Does God exist? And just what the hell is going on with Keanu Reeves€™ acting? These, and many other questions, must surely have been asked by countless viewers over the years, as they try to make sense of mind-bending hits like The Matrix, Inception and Donnie Darko. Yet life€™s very deepest questions can also be levelled at some of the more straightforward movies to have graced our screens in recent years, too. Viewers could hardly be blamed for questioning the existence of a God who would allow not just one but four Transformers movies to be green lit. But their success is proof, if proof were needed, that one man€™s existential nightmare is another man€™s adrenaline-filled bounty. It is also proof that any list which dares to whittle down the collective canon of movie philosophising to a mere 10 €œdeep€ works of cinematic genius is never going to please everyone. But what the hell, let's try anyway. So read on valued seeker, that the secrets of the movie universe may be revealed to you in all their glory€ or not, depending on your faith in a mere 10 film€™s abilities (in order of release date) to transcend plot and narrative, and become something far, far greater...

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