10 Movies That Massively Over-Performed At The Box Office

There are hits, and then there the genuine success stories that take everyone by surprise.

Warner Bros. Pictures

While this may come across as a cynical statement, the prime objective of the movie industry is to make the most amount of money as possible. That's why those on the inside refer to it as 'the business'.

Sure, there are plenty of filmmakers who set out to master their craft and deliver the best piece of cinema that they possibly can, but its the blockbusters that get the most attention and the biggest marketing push.

The problem is that today's studio movies are now precision-engineered solely to yield the biggest possible profit, which is why a huge number of big-budget efforts these days are so formulaic and interchangeable. In attempting to appeal to the widest demographic and thus make the most money, a worrying number of these projects lose all sense of originality and identity.

Most people can tell what the biggest hits are going to be as soon as the release schedule is announced, which only increases this sense of predictability. However, some projects can surprise everyone by over-performing at the box office and taking theaters by storm.

Whether it be through capturing the zeitgeist, cultural or political relevance, cashing in on a popular trend or simply good old fashioned counter-programming, plenty of movies have shown that it isn't just the usual suspects that dominate the box office.


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