10 Movies That Put Fans In Denial

Turns out those years you spent arguing their merits were all for nothing in the end.


As much as we may hate doing it, sometimes we all have to admit that we were wrong. That being said, not many confessions can feel quite as embarrassing as having to admit to everyone that a film you thought was "perfect" was actually far from it.

This normally happens because, while some films in a beloved series can be crushed by fan expectations, others have fans setting the bar way too low.

It seems that all these latter films have to do is scatter some tense moments to stop audiences from getting bored, bathe in nostalgia and go all-out action in the final act. And boom, it's successful, at least at the box office.

But once the dust settles, and the initial hype slowly fades away, fans can start to see these films for what they are. It's only after multiple re-watches and time to digest that some flaws become too big to ignore. And the cheap tricks used to get fans onside initially won't be enough to offset the many, many problems that now make the film hard to sit through.

It's normal to feel betrayed in these circumstances, so let's all vent our frustrations together at these cinematic charlatans.


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