10 Movies That Put Fans In Denial

9. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

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If people thought that splitting Mockingjay into two parts was a bit of a stretch, the Hobbit Trilogy would equate to cinematic cling film. How a 304-page book was deemed to be enough material to justify a trilogy with a total runtime of 474 minutes (and that's just the theatrical cuts) is anyone's guess really.

While the flaws of the Middle Earth prequel trilogy became undeniable by the end, they were not so obvious upon the release of An Unexpected Journey. The re-introduction to the visually stunning world and characters we fell in love with felt effortless and natural, culminating in an excellent 'Riddles In The Dark' segment with Bilbo and Gollum.

These are now none other than bright spots in an otherwise slog of a film to get through during Middle Earth marathons. It takes ages for anything interesting to happen, with the titular journey taking 45 minutes to even start.

That, combined with the questionable portrayal of Radagast The Brown made people question what it is they were actually watching. And that's not even mentioning the film's attempt to introduce higher frame rates (remember that?) to mainstream audiences, backfiring spectacularly. No wonder it normally gets skipped.


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