10 Movies That Should Be Remade Next

9. Jumper

The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen
20th Century Fox

It may have only been released less than a decade ago and was a moderate box office success earning $222.2m worldwide, but Doug Liman's Jumper nonetheless ranks as a major missed opportunity. A brilliant premise executed frustratingly poorly, the concept would surely be a guaranteed franchise-launching money-spinner in the right hands.

The story centers on a select group of individuals with the ability to teleport that fall foul of both the government and the Paladins (who were created for the movie adaptation), extremists that hunt the 'Jumpers' on religious grounds, which instantly opens up a whole wealth of high-concept possibilities.

Whereas Liman's crack at the material fell flat thanks to an uninteresting story, one-note characters and set-pieces that failed to make decent use of the central conceit, a remake could take the unique concept in any direction; action, sci-fi, thriller, spy movie, you name it. All it would require is a strong script, talented cast and a director willing to let their imagination run wild.


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