10 Movies That Should’ve Ended 5 Minutes Earlier

8. Matchstick Men

Matchstick Men
Warner Bros. Pictures

Now it may seem like low-hanging fruit to dunk on a Nic Cage movie but just trust me on this.

The film follows a con-artist becoming a better person through his blossoming relationship with his estranged daughter. That is, until we find out that the daughter herself is the biggest con artist of all.

This really is quite a good reveal and overall it’s a pretty enjoyable movie. The problem is, however, that it would’ve done better to end on the reveal.

It can be pretty hit and miss, ending a film with a time jump scene. In this particular instance we meet our protagonist (Roy) again, one year down the line, and see that he has set his life straight and taken a job as a salesman.

His con-daughter comes in and we have an awkward exchange between the two, in which the obvious goal was to emphasise the moral message that, regardless of whether he was changing for his daughter or himself, Roy is a better man and is happier for it.

Whilst it’s not a movie-ruining addition, it was unnecessary and a bit on the nose - it stands out as taking itself a little too seriously against the rest of the movie.


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