10 Movies That Should’ve Ended 5 Minutes Earlier

7. Panic Room

Matchstick Men
Sony Pictures Releasing

When I say this final scene did nothing but add run-time, I’m really not exaggerating.

After having a pretty tense 100 minutes or so of back and forth between a bunch of criminals and a terrified mother-daughter duo, suddenly we’re sat on a park bench on a nice autumn day browsing the newspaper.

Aside from the fact that the pair seem to have overcome the trauma of a home invasion and almost dying remarkably quickly, why was this necessary?

All the action was said and done, and there was no need for several minutes of Kristen Stewart reading us the home ads from the local broadsheet.

Aside from this, her mum even criticises her choices, asking if she ‘really needs a lot of space’ as if they haven’t literally just moved out of a huge mansion.

The space wasn’t the problem in that house, love, it was the fact you locked yourself in a tiny room without your daughter’s medication or a working phone-line instead of just leaving the house and calling the cops…


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