10 Movies That Spent Decades In Development Hell (And Still Lived Up To The Hype)

Delivering on their promises and then some.

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Films get delayed for a number of reasons: a lack of funding, inability to proceed with ideas or that it's just not the right time to name a few. It's doubly difficult for filmmakers if you're conjuring up a sequel to long-dormant franchise with a massive fanbase attached to it. They run the risk of wrecking what made their predecessors so memorable.

You can work to continue the story in the best way you can, or simply provide a flick that honours the spirit of the originals. With the right creative vision behind the camera, follow-ups have the potential to reignite their franchises. That just made it all the more satisfying when they finally arrived and did an excellent job of following up on their respective reputations years or even decades later.

The following ten films were able to find great success with audiences and critics alike thanks to the great talent of those behind the camera and on-screen. Some are sequels to beloved franchises while others are standalone productions that took ages to come out for their own reasons. Let's take a look...


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