10 Movies That Suck So Bad You Can't Believe They Even Got Made

Somebody should have stopped these movies from ever making it to the big screen.

20th Century Fox

Although the old saying goes that nobody intentionally sets out to make a bad movie, there's plenty of evidence to the contrary.

History is littered with bad movies, but not many are labelled so irredeemably awful that they're well beyond saving. Sometimes you watch a movie and wonder how it manages to pass through all the hoops required to make it to the big screen from the script, casting, shooting, test screenings, marketing and ultimately release to a mass audience without anybody raising their hand and asking, 'Has anybody noticed that this sucks?'.

Millions of dollars being funneled into something awful is just a waste of the studio's money and everybody else's time, and while handing creative control over to the filmmakers should always be applauded, sometimes intervention is required to save a project from disaster.

Some of the worst movies ever made were born from a unique and singular vision, they just turned out to be abjectly terrible misfires that would have been much better off it they'd been buried or locked away in the studio vault forever instead.


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