10 Movies That Suck So Bad You Can't Believe They Even Got Made

9. Swept Away

The Happening Mark Wahlberg
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Remakes, nepotism and Madonna acting performances are three things that always have the potential to backfire spectacularly on their own, but when you put the three of them together you end up with the disastrous Swept Away, a movie so bad that it set Guy Ritchie's career back by years.

At no point do you get the impression that it exists for any other reason than Madonna demanded it, and Ritchie's first attempt at venturing outside of his crime comedy comfort zone will take some beating to be usurped as the worst thing he'll ever find his name attached to.

Madonna blamed the press for the movie's failure after claiming they were actively trying to sabotage the collaboration between the then-married couple, but the real reason Swept Away failed is that it is absolute garbage, and one of those rare projects that has absolutely zero redeeming qualities.

It did manage to be an awards season favorite, but after earning just $1m at the box office, five nominations at the Razzies and three at the Stinkers Bad Movie Awards, it isn't exactly what the not-so dynamic duo would have been hoping for.

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