10 Movies That Took Insane Steps To Prevent Spoilers

MI5 have nothing on the security measures from these films productions.

Avengers Endgame Captain America destroyed shield

Studios must be absolutely baffled by film fans. Regardless of which high-profile project is in production, we seem to want it both ways, equally lambasting each other for giving away plot details while mauling over every set photo and nugget of available information for new insights and scoops.

That's probably why studios adopt the mantra of less is more (more or less). With some egregious exceptions - namely the Amazing Spider-Mans virtually showing entire films in their marketing - plot details beyond their basic premise are scarce before their release. Whether that's to preserve intrigue, make sure the film is viewed as intended or appease fans wanting to watch the film 'blind' we'll never really know, but in practice it's probably a combination of all three.

The problem with doing this for highly anticipated films is the sheer scale of their productions. With so many people involved, piracy and potential leaks have become increasingly more painful thorns in studios' backsides, making the challenge faced in keeping everything under wraps insanely difficult. It's no surprise then that they feel the need to resort to some extreme lengths to keep their plans away from the general public, and here are the most ridiculous examples.

10. Script Leak Damage Control - Scream 2

Avengers Endgame Captain America destroyed shield
Dimension Films

Considering what it had to live up to, and what went down during production, the final result with Scream 2 going down so well with fans and critics was close to miraculous. Swiftly going into production after the unprecedented success of its predecessor, a major setback was dealt after key plot details were leaked online, including the culprits behind Ghostface's identity.

This prompted the studio to order massive re-writes to the script, changing out the members of the guilty party, where while 'Debbie Salt' was still kept, she was now joined by Derek's friend Mickey. This meant that they had to re-shoot everything that negated this new ending to make it work. They also only told the new twist to actors on a need-to-know basis, to prevent a second leak. Alternative 'fake' endings were also given to other actors to throw them off, including one where Dewey turned out to be the killer.

Given that the original script featured four antagonists - Hallie, Derek and Cotton in addition to Salt - the changes enforced on the production might have been a blessing in disguise, as it gave Laurie Metcalf's Salt the focus it deserved, making her revenge resonate better with fans.


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