10 Movies That Tricked You Into Believing Heroes Were Evil

Judge a book by its cover and you get the wrong story...

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Everyone loves a good villain.

Im fact, in some movies, the villain can be the best thing about it. They tend to wear their villainy on their sleeves: after all, part of the appeal of the likes of Freddy Krueger is that he has no subtlety about him.

In other movies, the villain's reputation is a guarded secret and the plot is all about uncovering who it is. A whodunnit, if you will. And some movies trick us into playing their game the wrong way.

There are often tricksy characters that you initially don't like, the characters that are introduced in such a way that you instantly look at them and know they are going to be trouble.

Naturally, you then learn it was all a ruse and you had misjudged those poor people, be it due to another character you trust having a negative opinion towards them, or just the film cleverly keeping all the details to itself and revealing the character's true intentions at just the right moment.

These are 10 movies that pull the rug out from under you and trick you into thinking certain characters are going to be bad news but end up winning you over when you realize they were really heroes all along.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

10. Terminator 2: Judgement Day - T-800

Aliens James Cameron
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Terminator 2 is one of the greatest action films of all time, and part of its greatness is how it takes everything from the first film and not only ups the stakes to 11, but turns everything you knew about the T-800 upside down.

In the first film, it is a killing machine that stops at nothing to finish its mission, not even sleep. It relentlessly pursues our heroes the entire runtime and it took an insane amount of punishment before finally dying.

When a sequel came out people were excited to see just how a new incarnation would be stopped.

Yet again it is beamed back along with another less intimidating foe and gets introduced robbing a man of his clothes, boots, and motorcycle while stabbing his buddy in the back with a knife. In comparison the T-1000 knocks a cop-out quickly and steals his stuff, setting him up as seemingly this films Kyle Reece.

So when the two finally meet their target, John Connor, audiences were stunned to see the T-800 protect John and prevent him from being shot. Then our supposed heroic police character reveals himself to be a more advanced terminator hellbent on killing him.

It is a genius flipping of viewer's expectations as the T-800 then grew into a highly loveable character that showed it was anything but evil, and learned to go against its deadly programming.

It took an entire film of getting to know the character as evil, to pull off tricking audiences so well.

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