10 Movies That Tricked You Into Believing Heroes Were Evil

9. The Departed - Sgt. Sean Dignam

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Dignam is played to near perfection by Mark Wahlberg. He's a tsunami of aggression that steals every scene he is in by being as brash and confrontation as possible.

Speaking frankly, he's a jerk and almost every sentence that comes out of his mouth is an insult. His brutal breakdown of Costigan who wants to be a cop is so unnecessarily mean that he becomes instantly unlikeable.

However, by the end of the film, you realize he's the person with the greatest judge of character and sees right through Matt Damon's Sullivan's lies. He gets sent away due to his outbursts, and it's agony for viewers who can see he is so close to revealing the true villain's schemes but has no evidence.

One of the only people to make it out alive, he earns that right by not allowing Sullivan, who the audience grows to despise, to get away with his actions. He makes a shock appearance at the very end of the film and takes him out with a crowd-pleasing head-shot, quietly walking away having done justice.

He may not be the nicest guy to be around, but Dignam was committed to preventing crime and in a film full of deceit and double-crossers, he was an unlikely saviour the film tricked you into thinking was just an irredeemable knucklehead.

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