10 Movies That Tried Way Too Hard To Be Cool

Trying too hard...or not hard enough?

Christian Bale Equilibrium

Movies are made for many reasons - to entertain, to inform and to provoke the audience's thoughts, and in the arena of big-budget Hollywood, generally a movie's aim is to make as much money as possible, usually through appealing characters, whip-smart dialogue and breathtaking action sequences. Being cool, basically.

The greatest "cool" movies of all time most surely include Pulp Fiction, Fight Club, Terminator 2, Escape from New York and so on - stylish films which also gave us great characters and memorable one-liners.

But of course, for every genuinely cool and edgy movie, there are literally dozens (if not hundreds) that tried and failed to evoke that same feeling.

By swinging so enthusiastically for the fences, audiences were instead left thinking that these films tried far too hard to hit the desired tone and aesthetic.

And so, we have these 10 films, all of which have their meritorious aspects - and a few of which are actually pretty decent movies - that nevertheless over-egged the pudding with their excessive style and self-conscious dialogues...

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