10 Movies That Tried Way Too Hard To Be Cool

10. Sucker Punch

Sucker Punch
Warner Bros.

Zack Snyder is no stranger to making edgy, stylish movies that sharply divide audiences, though he's never tried harder to make a Cool Movie - or fallen flatter on his face - than with his 2011 fantasy-action flop Sucker Punch.

Jam-packed with sexy, scantily-clad, gun-totting young women who battle hordes of video game-esque CGI enemies, it is as though the film were dreamt up by a hormonal teenage boy. It is, in every sense, the adolescent male id in movie form.

And while Snyder himself claims that the film is in fact a self-aware commentary on the inherent sexism present in nerd culture, this doesn't quite vibe when the film so aggressively leers and slobbers over its focal women.

Between its slick action and dark narrative centered around sexual abuse, it's clear Snyder is trying to make a daring slice of blockbuster insanity, yet due to the forgettable set-pieces and muddled messaging, Sucker Punch is more baffling and concerning than it is genuinely creative and, yes, cool.

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Sucker Punch
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